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What turns my traffic into revenue or commissions?

After having been accepted as an affiliate, Ciao Italy will send you (according to your preference) a text link, banner, button or information for a co-branded site. When a visitor clicks on the link or co-branded site on your page, the commission process begins. You do not receive commission from clicks alone, a reservation must be made with Ciao Italy by a click-through visitor from your site.

How does a reservation turn into commission?

A visitor to your site books an apartment reservation through your co-branded site or clicks on the Ciao Italy link posted on your site. A reservation is commissionable once it has been consumed and paid in full by the visitor.

When will I receive my commissions for bookings?

Commission checks are paid on the 10th of the month after which the commission was earned.

How much will I earn in commission for apartment or room reservations?

13% of the deposit rate.

What is the minimum amount of commission I need to earn before receiving a check?

Ciao Italy assures you a payment regardless of the size of the check when visitors from your site book with us.

How does Ciao Italy track my bookings to assure I will receive just commissions?

Ciao Italy assigns all affiliates a unique identifier called a “PN” number. This number is placed within the URL of all our links/banners displayed on your site. The “PN” number will mark any visitor who clicks through to Ciao Italy’s homepage and will stay with that visitor regardless if he/she uses your site again to access Ciao Italy. The “PN” number is imbedded in our reservation data making your commission easy to track and accurate.

How do I use the statistics page to check my bookings?

First, go to, the Ciao Italy Affiliate’s homepage. From there you must Login using a password and username given to you by Ciao. Your specific “Stats” will then be listed.

What if one of my clients bypasses my site for a future reservation and books directly through Ciao Italy?

Once your client has been tagged with the PN number from the Ciao Italy banner located on your site he will always carry that number even if visits Ciao Italy directly, bypassing your site. Therefore, commission is always credited to you.

What if a client of a different Ciao Italy Affiliate visits my web site and books through my link? Who gets credit?

Simply, you do. The technology used to create PN numbers to tag clients also allows them to be exchanged as a client passes from one banner through the next. This means that, the last banner that was used by a client before making a reservation tags the PN number that will remain with the client, now and for future reservations.

Are there any hidden costs in the Affiliate program?

No!!!! It’s absolutely FREE!!!!!!!!!

Are there are rules or guidelines for Affiliates?

Simply, an Affiliate must be the owner or manager of apartments or rooms rented for short time periods regardless or where the properties are located. Ciao Italy reserves the right to refuse partnership with any site containing material considered by Ciao Italy to be offensive or not appropriate for partnership purposes.